Monthly Archives: April 2018

2018 Texas Burlesque Festival and a Costume Glow Up

We have been fortunate to perform at the Texas Burlesque Festival every year since 2010; except for 2012 when we were busy tying the knot! 2018 was another stellar year of the fest with a return to the beautiful Paramount Theatre as our venue and fabulous headliners including Jo Weldon, Alotta Boutte, Mr. Gorgeous, Kalani […]

Queer Film Theory

“Look to your left, now look to your right. Neither of these LGBTQ+ people has seen accurate representations of themselves in film. So: we improvised. We found bits of ourselves in other films, celebrated the hard femmes, exalted the queer subtext, and created identities that matched how we felt inside. Queer Film Theory 101 is […]