Show Me Burlesque Festival 2019

The Show Me Burlesque Festival was AMAZING! It was our first time to attend this festival (and our first time to St. Louis) and we were blown away by the positive energy and camaraderie at the event. We are so grateful to producer Lola Van Ella for including us and were so impressed by how […]


So incredibly excited! These queers are going to Vegas y’all. We are so dang thrilled to be performing in the ‘Movers, Shakers, and Innovators’ night on stage at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender’s showcase! Our queer love story, based on American Gothic, is going to Vegas!

In Town Festival Acceptance!

We’re baaaack with a new love story! Texas Burlesque Festival has accepted our newest number to be in the festival this year, and we can’t wait to debut it all for you on May 10 at the Rollins Theater!

Out of Town Announcement!

We got accepted to Show Me y’all! Queertini Time is taking this sexy queer love on the road, and we’re so excited to be joining St. Louis for their 10-year celebration, and our first time in the festival!

Texas Queerlesque Festival

We were so excited to be a part of the Texas Queerlesque Festival for the third time in a row. It’s such an amazing festival with wonderful people and performers. Everyone shares in the joy that is queer performance on stage! Can you believe that Shelby performed with a badly sprained ankle (like, her bone […]

Dirty, Sexy, Funny : Viva Dallas

We absolutely jump at the chance to perform at Viva Dallas Burlesque when we can! When we had the opportunity to perform our ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ number in their 7th annual Dirty, Sexy, Funny show and you bet your buns we were there! Here are a couple of our favorite photos from that […]

2018 Texas Burlesque Festival and a Costume Glow Up

We have been fortunate to perform at the Texas Burlesque Festival every year since 2010; except for 2012 when we were busy tying the knot! 2018 was another stellar year of the fest with a return to the beautiful Paramount Theatre as our venue and fabulous headliners including Jo Weldon, Alotta Boutte, Mr. Gorgeous, Kalani […]

San Antonio Burlesque Festival 2017

This was our fifth time to perform at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival and we had a stellar time. The lineup for the two-day festival was exceptionally diverse and super queer – a real win-win in our opinion! We snuck out of the muggle jobs a bit early on Friday so we could head to […]

Texas Queerlesque Festival 2017!

We were so excited to return to the Texas Queerlesque Festival in Dallas this July! In 2016 we had the pleasure of headlining the inaugural festival and were so impressed by the community building and celebratory spirit of the event! Produced by two queer performance powerhouses, Lillith Grey and Milo Cox, the Texas Queerlesque Festival’s […]

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2017

Party in Las Vegas! The Burlesque Hall of Fame is an experience like no other and we were fortunate to make it back again this year. We took a stupid early flight on Thursday morning into Vegas and had to take a nap immediately! But we arose and still had some time before the festivities […]