Burlesque Hall of Fame 2017

Party in Las Vegas! The Burlesque Hall of Fame is an experience like no other and we were fortunate to make it back again this year. We took a stupid early flight on Thursday morning into Vegas and had to take a nap immediately! But we arose and still had some time before the festivities started, so we escaped to two local tiki bars for tropical libations: Frankie’s Tiki Room and The Golden Tiki.

Then it was back to The Orleans for the Movers, Shakers & Innovators show. It was awesome to cheer on our hometown (newly relocated to Austin from San Francisco) performer, Kitty Von Quim as she delighted the audience with her Ms. Pac-Man number. We were also big fans of Sizzle Dizzle’s selfie show and Virago Nation’s powerful commentary on the indigenous experience.


Friday morning, we had a special rehearsal with our favorite legend Tiffany Carter, as we would join her and a handful of other performers on stage that night at the Titans of Tease Showcase. We were honored to be part of Tiffany’s “Imagine” number again. It is always a powerful and emotional experience and performing at BHOF was certainly memorable and a check off the burlesque bucket list.


We did have to miss some of the show that evening since we were backstage, but we did get to see all of the Legends Walk of Fame, which is always a treat! We were blown away by all the legend’s performances, but especially loved Dusty Summers magic act, lovey Goldmine’s sensuous strip, and Miss Indigo Blue’s tribute to Patti Wagon. The incomparable World Famous *BOB* (another recent Austin resident) was an amazing host for an emotional, exciting, and LEGENDARY evening.

We escaped the cigarette smoke haze of The Orleans on Saturday to hit Frankie’s Tiki Room again, and were surprise ambushed by the BHOF Pin-Up Photo Safari! We went from being the only patrons in the bar to being surrounded by 50+ photographers and beautiful models. We had a great time watching the models drape themselves across every surface in the bar and chat them (and the photographers) up during their breaks. Then it was back to the casino to prepare for the Tournament of Tease!


What a show! Expertly hosted (including while on roller skates!) but Blache DeBris and Johnny Porkpie, we were treated to 30+ knockout performances throughout the evening. We were big fans of Kitson Sass and Pistol Prudence’s out of this world aerial duet, Jacqueline Boxx’s personal debut, Sweetpea’s cowgirl calisthenics, Poison Ivory’s powerful step-down performance, and Tito Bonito’s send up of scouting which earned him the title of “Most Comedic.” We were particularly thrilled that Lou Henry Hoover was awarded “Best Boylesque” – the first drag king to do so ever! Yes, we are a bit partial to drag kings for some reason. 😉


Sunday morning we made it to the Legends Panel a few minutes late (if you attended the weekender, you know why!), but luckily did not miss too much of the Legends’ stories, wisdom, advice, and gossip. It is so important for us to learn from those who came before us and we are so grateful to all the Legends and Burlycon for hosting this event. Honestly, the juiciest stories and funniest moments of the weekend took place at the Legends Panel, so be sure not to miss it when you attend BHOF!

After the panel it was time for grabbing a drink, catching up at the pool party, and then prepping for the final showcase of the weekend: Icons & All Stars! We were very excited to see Roxi D’Lite’s cigar number live for the first time and swooned for Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore’s duet. But our very favorite of the evening (and possibly the entire weekend) was Imogen Kelly’s Ornithological Opus! Imogen’s innovation, creativity, and beauty were astounding and brought us to tears.


And just like that, it was over! We were on an early flight back to Austin the next day to return to the non-glitter world, but we brought back many wonderful stories, memories, and a ton of inspiration! Thanks to all the producers, performers, hosts, volunteers, and Legends that make the Burlesque Hall of Fame an unforgettable experience. We hope to see you again next year!