Texas Burlesque Festival 2017 Recap

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Texas Burlesque Festival and our 7th time to perform! It was a wonderful weekend (as usual) and this year was made extra special by being held at amazing venues: the historic Paramount and Stateside Theatre! Opening as a vaudeville house in 1915, the Paramount Theatre stage has been graced by amazing acts over the years, including the legendary Sally Rand! TXBF 2017 was the first time in 60 YEARS that burlesque was back on stage at the Paramount!

This year was also special because it brought our favorite legend, TIFFANY CARTER back to perform! We got to see her fabulous cat act and also joined her on stage for a special group number on Friday night. One of our burlesque besties, Baby Le’Strange from Portland, also came to town this year. It was so much fun to have the Glittering Misfit of Burlesque as a houseguest for the weekend.

All three shows were hosted by the illustrious Cora Vette and packed with outstanding acts! Some of our favorites were Paris Original and Moscato Extatique of Seattle, Sucre à la Crème of Montreal, and one of our hometown powerhouses: Lady Lola LeStrange!

We were thrilled to debut our new act on Friday night, which involves Shelby visiting massage therapist Eaton to find out if he can “rub her the right way.” There was also a lovely performer brunch (Tiffany Carter spilled juicy secrets like only a true legend can) and raucous after parties where we may have had a little bit too much fun!

The 10th anniversary of Texas Burlesque Festival was truly special and we are always so grateful for the amazing producers and volunteers that make the event happen. We are very lucky to have this premier burlesque event in our backyard and can’t wait for 2018!